Kellie S. Ffrench, Ph.D., P.A.

Licensed Psychologist

Like many medical illnesses, the roots of Fibromyalgia are deeply related within the mind/body/spirit system. When we experience a trauma, or perceive something as traumatic, there is often a block or disruption in the energy system that courses throughout our body. This energy system is interconnected with our emotions and thoughts, and can often impact our physical well-being as well.

Within this energy system, there are seven energy centers, or chakras, in the body – each one corresponding to a particular part of the body and to particular emotional and spiritual domains. When there is an imbalance in a chakra, a corresponding physical illness may result; and emotional issues and trauma often cause imbalances. From an energy medicine perspective, Fibromyalgia can be linked to an imbalance in the first chakra, which is a center of energy in your body, also known as your root chakra.

The first chakra is linked to our “roots,” which includes our family of origin and our “tribe” (e.g., racial group, religious group, ethnic group, etc.). Imbalances in this area can be related to early messages that we received growing up relating to our worth as individuals, our feelings of safety and fear, and our place in the world. Experiences of abuse and trauma are also linked to this energy center.

If we received negative messages about our self and our place in the world, these wounds can express themselves as physical symptoms, especially if they are denied or shoved down.

Women who are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia typically have aspects of their history in common, such as:

1) Not feeling valued as a child.
2) Abuse, whether it is physical, sexual, or emotional.
3) Not feeling safe in their world.

In terms of emotions and behavior, first chakra imbalance can express itself in many ways. Women diagnosed with Fibromyalgia appear to have some characteristics in common, including putting the needs of others before their own, difficulty expressing negative emotion, and difficulty listening to their body.

So How Do We Correct This Energy Imbalance?

Energy Imbalances can be corrected through a shift in the energy field, behavior, or emotional and mental perception. What does this mean exactly?

1) Shift in energy field:
This can achieved through energy work, such as reiki or acupuncture, that will help to balance your energy centers. Also, a change in behavior or perception can create energetic shifts.

2) Shift in behavior:
You can create an energetic shift by making some behavior changes, such as making an effort to intentionally take care of yourself or asking for help.

3) Shift in emotions and mental perception:
You can create an energetic shift by healing the emotional wounds that helped to create the imbalance. This can be achieved by learning to love and value yourself, learning to express negative emotions, and learning to communicate your needs effectively.

Try to keep in mind that your physical and emotional symptoms are important information: messages from your mind, body, and spirit. They are warning signals that something isn’t quite right. The beautiful part of this is that once we receive this information, we have the option of taking action toward healing.

No one is immune from the mind, body, spirit connection – and how lucky we are to possess such personal wisdom and power!

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